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Sports and recreation

Stadiums, swimming pools and sports halls are large spaces that require large spans without compromising safety, structural strength and the visitor experience. The acoustics must be good, the view of the stage or sports field must not be obstructed by structural elements and the architectural design requires specific detailing and materials.

In the sports and recreation market, ABT merges various areas of expertise. We use our knowledge of structures to design light and slender roof structures. We also use our knowledge of acoustics and sound gained in the cultural sector so that the accommodation can be used as widely as possible.

Multi-purpose accommodations

The number of multi-purpose accommodations is increasing and they bridge varying occupancy rates. In cities, available space is often a challenge. Clever layout of spaces, corridor areas and technology will produce more compact buildings. But multifunctionality goes beyond detailing the building for practicing different sports. Accommodations sometimes house social, cultural or religious bodies.

Developing a multipurpose facility requires careful coordination with the end users and the ever more rapidly changing user wishes and requirements. ABT designs flexible buildings whose investments can move with the changing needs of sports and recreation for 20 to 30 years to come.


ABT was involved in the realization of the WRZV Halls in Zwolle, a sports facility designed to provide space for various sports organizations, associations and educational institutions. The building was designed with a low environmental impact and has an A+++++ Label. ABT helped design in the areas of building physics, construction, fire safety and installation advice and monitored the construction budget. The façade of Sportcampus Zuiderpark is a real eye-catcher. The building consists of a black concrete plinth, a vertical relief. To allow for the curved façade with variable exterior dimensions, ABT used a parametric model.