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Water safety

The effects of climate change are increasingly frequent and intense. This is also the conclusion of the latest IPCC report (WG2, February 2022). The hopeful message given by the UN climate panel is that we still have influence, but we must speed up. Accelerated adaptation is critical in order to continue to live safely and sustainably in deltas and coastal areas in the future.

As an engineering firm, we feel this intense urgency. Low-lying countries are vulnerable in terms of water safety and freshwater supply. At the same time, there is a substantial ambition to build housing. Delta Commissioner Peter Glas therefore supports an integrated approach to ensure that plans are actually implemented climate-adaptively and area development is truly future-proof.

The current issues of water safety alone are complex and require innovative thinking. Due to lack of space, escalating costs, concerned residents and sustainability.

In our view, the future reinforcement task needs a new perspective. Our team of experienced and committed engineers will tackle any challenges in an energetic and creative manner. We see innovation as a means to an end. Our integral knowledge of structural, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering will provide customized solutions;

The projects we carried out have proven that we have pushed boundaries in the process.

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Water safety