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Ewoud Heijink

Structional engineer
Contact +31610992943
“Our task with respect to the built environment is immense. We all need to think differently about how we use our resources and environment."


I have been working at ABT as a structural engineer since 2010. In between I worked elsewhere for a year, but I came back to ABT. My background is a degree in Architecture.

What I do at ABT

I started as a structural engineer, collaborating on various architectural design briefs. I value the human aspect in our functioning. Main aspects of my work are probing the different personalities in a team and building a good professional relationship with them. Then I can work with others in an open dialogue to realize a client’s ambition. This gives much satisfaction. The combination with my interest in engineering led to me being moved into the role of design leader.

After several intensive new construction projects, I have focussed on making existing properties more sustainable for some years now. The task ahead of us in the built environment is immense. Not only in the Netherlands, but in the world, that is certain. We all need to think differently about how we use our resources and environment. I like to contribute to this change in my profession.

My dream for the future

It is my future dream that by 2050 circularity and sustainability will be the standard in the built environment. This standard is building with existing materials and not using any new raw materials for construction. Construction is a 100% circular industry and we put resources where they are needed. We make buildings take full advantage of the natural seasons. We create buildings in which we live comfortably.