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Jelle Roks

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"In my role as an information specialist, I try to become completely immersed in the projects, linking as many problems and solutions as possible."


I am Jelle Roks and have worked at ABT since the summer of 2013. In addition to my sporting life as a swimmer and triathlete, I work as a BIM specialist at ABT, where I can fully use my passion for digitalisation and sustainable progress. I studied Civil Engineering at the Hogeschool Arnhem and Nijmegen and graduated in Construction and Architecture. I started as a structural modeler and during the first three years I studied Concrete and Steel Structural Engineering at HTI (Higher Technical Institute).

What I do at ABT

During my work, I always try to get the best out of the project, and especially out of the people. I am part of the ABT Academy, which organises a great programme of training courses and workshops for our colleagues every year. To me, integral design solutions take precedence over monodisciplinary solutions within projects. We are faced with an enormous task in the field of sustainable building which can only be solved in a collective approach by the client, designer and consultants. In my role as information specialist, I try to immerse myself in the projects and link as many problems and solutions as possible.

My dream for the future

In an ideal world, everyone knows the impact that they have on their fellow humans and the built environment. In principle this impact has to be positive, no matter whether you are a structural engineer, modeller or part of the internal organisation. To me, it is important in this respect that each project is a better prototype than the previous one, both for the client and for the planet.