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Jesper Goorden

Design leader
Contact +31 6 20 42 96 56
"With ABT's projects, I actively contribute to making the built environment climate neutral from an integral design leadership role."


Between now and 2050, an awful lot needs to be done to make all our buildings climate neutral. It is the task of my generation of engineers to make good on years of promises in the coming decades. At ABT, I can make a difference by working with my colleagues to implement the innovative solutions for the future in our projects today.

During my studies, I became interested in the energy transition and the technology it requires. After joining ABT as an intern in 2015, I  graduated for my master’s degree in Building Technology at Delft University of Technology on ‘Integration of thermal energy storage in renovation projects’.

What do I do at ABT

Through my broad background and interest in other fields I can connect and translate my colleagues’ specific knowledge into smart, integrated solutions. To me, integral refers to working interdisciplinary, as well as looking beyond the building boundaries. This means that we may ask ourselves if it makes sense to solve all challenges at the building level.

This is the integral approach of my work at ABT, as a design leader/design coordinator mainly of large complex projects. I have been involved in the development of the new Schiphol Terminal since 2017 and in the renovation of the Council of State and the Senate since 2020. Two very different projects with the common complexity of incorporating plant engineering and sustainability. I have warmed to the interface of structural engineering and installations.

My dream for the future

My dream as a consultant is to realize projects that will have a positive impact. In 2050, I want to look back and be proud of my contribution to making our built environment climate neutral!