Joost Salemink
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Joost Salemink

Construction engineering consultant
Contact +31653351985
"Building is something that we do together. For each project I redefine my role."


I am an all-rounder trained as a structural engineer at the Hogeschool van Arnhem. I improved my understanding of architecture at the Arnhem Academy of Architecture. These courses have given me a broad technical knowledge and sense of aesthetics. In 1999, I joined ABT as an architectural designer to renovate the Wolvenplein penitentiary, which dates back to 1856, in downtown Utrecht. As some decades have passed, I am now a consultant in design and execution projects and I make contributions to medium or large new construction, remodelling and renovation projects in all phases.

What I do at ABT

As the connecting link between clients, designers and builders, I unite the different interests to complement each other in pursuit of the same goal. Building is something that we do together. For each project I redefine my role.” Maintaining good relationships and a positive atmosphere are core values. Connecting on a personal level and having 100% trust in each other are important to get the most out of a team. The target I always set myself and others is that in the end we are all going for the same goal: a well-constructed building and satisfied users.

My dream for the future

Reusing and making buildings more sustainable is increasingly important within the construction sector, an important aspect that I like to champion. While respecting existing situations, we as designers can create a new awareness by making reduction of energy and material consumption the main decision factors.