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Vasco Veenbergen

Senior consultant geotechnical engineering & water safety
Contact +31 (0)6 133 148 46
"Soil. There are not many words as diverse as ‘soil’, sometimes in our favour, sometimes against us. Trying to deal with the qualities of soil is a great challenge!"


Realising optimal designs through the opportunities offered by the subsoil. Always with a healthy respect for uncertainties. That is what I like to achieve. I am solution-oriented, trying to understand the underlying mechanisms.

My education reflects my way of working: the practicality of HTS combined with the theoretical of the Technical University. After working for almost 9 years at GeoDelft (now Deltares) in the Foundations and Underground Works department, I made the step to the design practice at ABT’s world of dike reinforcement in 2011. My background knowledge of foundations and geotechnics makes for an interesting combination.

Outside my work, I enjoy rolling up my sleeves as an assistant farmer on a small-scale extensive farm or as an enthusiastic handyman in our home. And then to rest from all that, my wife and I like to go out for dinner.

What do I do at ABT

As a senior consultant in water safety & geotechnics, I enjoy contributing to technically challenging design projects. My strong point is in coming up with concept solutions at the front end as well as guiding a design team by keeping the overall picture. For practical and feasible designs, I often work together with the executing parties.

Since 2019, I have been involved in Sterke Lekdijk as leader of the innovation project of the Prolock Filter Screen. A challenging project with many stakeholders working on an innovative technology for the ‘piping task’ of tomorrow”.

From substantial dyke reinforcements, beautiful innovation projects to deep construction pits: you may have got a project for me to tackle.