Willem Klaverveld
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Willem Klaverveld

Construction Advisor
Contact +31 6 51 64 91 16
"My heart is in working with old buildings with interesting structures. It is my goal to promote reuse of buildings while keeping in mind optimal environmental aspects."


After completing my degrees in Structural Engineering and Steel and Concrete Structural Engineering, I first made myself familiar with structural engineering. I started as a draughtsman. Soon I also did the calculations, and then I worked independently as a project manager on new construction projects. I like to give existing buildings a second life. I much appreciate working with listed buildings.

What I do at ABT

I have been working at ABT as a structural engineering consultant since 2007. I was given the opportunity to further expand my specialties and combine my knowledge and interest in structures and existing buildings. I have extensive knowledge of existing foundations, construction pits, fire safety, installations and construction techniques. You can approach me on issues of reuse, transformations and damage and similar cases.

In addition to my position at ABT, I am a member of the NEN 8702 committee, whose purpose is to draft a standard to test existing concrete structures. I am also involved with the KPCV Task Force on Existing Construction.

My dream for the future

My heart lies in working on older buildings with interesting structures. It is my aim to promote reuse of buildings with a view to optimal environmental aspects. I now have more than twenty-five years of experience working with old buildings. From the conversion of a water tower to foundation repairs of listed buildings in the old city centre. From raising post-war blocks with entrance halls to expanding the Mauritshuis and the Anne Frank House. The last few years I have been occupied with the renovation of the Senate and the Council of State at the Binnenhof in The Hague.