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Design force existing construction

We do not consider the reuse of existing buildings a pure necessity but rather as an honourable mission to work on with dedication and enthusiasm. Not for nothing have the most beloved, famous buildings had several lives. Renovating or transforming existing buildings into future-proof buildings is a rewarding challenge. It is a revaluation of the whole and the materials, reducing environmental impact and preserving cultural heritage.

The building dictates

Before arriving at initial design ideas, we want to know and understand the building down to its details. What is the core of the building? What is the real meaning? To do so, we do not rely solely on current standards and achievements but look primarily at historical, physical, social and cultural significance. Once we understand the soul of the building, we start the design phase.

Integral technical interpretation

Especially for unique structures with a high technical profile or monumental status, integral collaboration is effective. Through research, analysis, computing power, creativity and collaboration, we will develop concepts and solutions from different perspectives. At an early stage we will estimate the qualities and performance of an existing building and its elements. We use our knowledge of materials, construction technology and processes.


While respecting the monument, we like to design appropriate sustainability interventions with an eye for detail, desired comfort and use. Correct interpretation is needed to maximize and balance the potential of the existing building with the client’s ambition and essence/soul of the building.

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