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Our analytical ability, supported by advanced, digital simulations, will develop ambitious solutions that are feasible and doable within the original task. Digitalization enables us to achieve optimal results and increase the impact of our contribution. We use digital tools and methods to support the design and construction process, and as steering tools for optimal choices based on facts.

Computational Solutions

Computational Solutions are digital solutions to achieve a better, more sustainable or efficient design (process) for our clients and designers. We use advanced technologies such as parametric design, programming, data analysis and artificial intelligence to generate and visualize efficient and innovative design solutions.

Parametric designs are used for simple derivations of (complex) geometry and, with the simplicity of variation, maintain flexibility and freedom in the design process. File-to-factory data links will ensure precise manufacturing and reduce the possibility of errors.

Using these techniques, we designed the complex wooden canopy construction for building C30 on the Shell Campus. This approach greatly reduced the chance of any errors, ensured trouble-free execution and a perfect fit for each element.

Digital visualization techniques (such as VR and AR) and data analysis methods make the performance of a design (choice) transparent. This allows the client room for careful consideration and informed decision making.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, ABT has developed the Environmental Impact Monitor (EIM-tool), a tool that can measure the environmental performance of buildings. This allows us to actively and integrally manage the design for environmental impact, Paris-proof building and MPG requirements. By knowing and measuring the environmental impact of buildings, the construction industry is moving step by step toward cleaner buildings.


Projects and innovations require good information management. At ABT BIM goes beyond modelling. Management of information about our buildings, about our experience and about developments and innovations are merged in one place.

Advanced Simulation

In addition to Computational Solutions, ABT uses Advanced Simulation. By gathering as much information as possible and performing sophisticated calculations, we simulate a wide variety of situations in a virtual world. We use physical models that we validate with physical experiments and/or scientific literature. This helps solve the biggest technological challenges within complex construction projects, the environment or specific issues. These include vibration or fire safety. In addition, it helps reduce unnecessary material consumption.


ABT works closely with think tank Quake, also part of Oosterhoff. They include (digital) innovations within the themes of Data & Digital, Urban, Environment and Building Services & Physics. Together with Quake, ABT developed an online tool for integrated urban engineering called Urban Layers.

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