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Today’s complex issues require top-level engineering. We will develop the most appropriate solutions for our clients’ tasks. In our projects, we connect high-quality knowledge from different disciplines. Our compact organization is fully equipped to this purpose. The interaction and intensive use of state of the art computational software creates opportunities to make designs more efficient and sustainable.

As integral consultants, we always have a holistic approach; the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We use the high-level knowledge of our specialists, from concept to execution. By working closely internally and externally, we arrive at the best integrated design.

This is what we achieved within the consortium for The Natural Pavilion (Floriade 2022). We were responsible for a bio-based, nature-inclusive and climate-adaptive integral design. Within the design, we further developed the HoutKern Construction Method and realized a building made of 95% bio-based material, including the foundation! The landscape design continued into the building and contributed to a healthy climate. By incorporating a smart water buffer, the site and building can withstand drought and heavy rainfall.

Extra computing power

Today’s issues are complex and additional computational power helps achieve high-quality solutions. For complex questions, the developers in our Computational Solutions team can digitize a process or develop a program themselves based on their technical knowledge. This creates new functionality, brings more flexibility to the design process or gains an insight into design variants in a more efficient way.

In the design for The Natural Pavilion, we used computer scripts to calculate the position of the wooden slats on each façade. They determine the optimum between daylight output, solar heat output and heat gain.

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