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Dyke reinforcement Heel and Beesel

ABT is one of the leading engineering firms when it comes to structurally reinforced dykes. The Heel and Beesel dyke reinforcement project uses heave and stability screens to strengthen the dyke for the next 50 years.
Dijkversterking Heel en Beesel - bentonietmatten
Client Mourik-FL
Completion time 2020 - present
Market Water safety

Challenging substratum

Challenging about this project is the substratum; the substratum in Limburg differs greatly from that in the west of the Netherlands. In other dyke reinforcements, the first layers in the subsoil consist of weak clay and peat layers. In Limburg, the subsoil consists almost exclusively of sand and gravel.

In the tender bid, the contractor combination used the concept of thin heave and stability screens. The challenge of this dyke reinforcement lies in installing these thin screens in the packed layers. To mitigate these risks, ABT will carry out a sheet piling test. In this trial, ABT will determine the best execution method (lowest cost and least inconvenience) to apply the thin sheets.

Role of ABT

ABT is in charge of the technical part of the embankment design including the soil body and the heave and stability screens. In addition, ABT provides the design leader who directs all designing parties on behalf of the combination.