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The Statenzaal complex in Zwolle has been completely restored and converted into a grand-café, hotel and hostel. Commissioned by the Municipality of Zwolle, ABT carried out the feasibility study into making the monumental building sustainable. In the design phases following this study, ABT provided advice on building physics, fire safety, acoustics, electrical and mechanical installations and construction costs.
Client Municipality of Zwolle
Completion time 2019-2023
Market Commercial real estate
In collaboration with 19 Het Atelier
Location Zwolle
Project scope 1960m² BVO

The former provincial government building and 1897 national monument was made available for redevelopment in 2016. A partnership between De Horecamannen and the owners of the Pelsertoren led to a new destination for the Statenzaal building: a hotel with seven deluxe hotel rooms and a hostel with 24 beds, with a grand café on the ground floor. Architects 19 The Atelier produced the architectural design.

The Staatsman opened its doors to guests in 2023.

Beeld © Kasper Veenstra

Sustainability ambitions

Throughout the design phases, sustainability ambitions were pursued as much as possible while preserving the monumental values of the building. Increasing the sustainability of the building proved to be a challenge. Ewoud Heijink, structural engineer at ABT: “We were dealing with monument conservation requirements. This meant that we were not allowed to change anything on the outside, nor in many places on the inside, such as the ground floor panelling. We did manage to improve some of the windows, but only by using secondary glazing behind the primary windows. For the rooms with stained-glass windows, such as the Statenzaal and the grand café, that was not possible either.”

Hybrid generation system

To assess the opportunities for sustainability, ABT carried out an integrated feasibility study. There are various solutions for the different building sections. A hybrid generation system was chosen for the entire building because of the preservation of the monumental elements. This choice was the result of the interplay between the limited possibilities for improving the thermal envelope and the monumental radiators we had to preserve.

Plattegrond Staatsman

High-quality thermal envelope

The archives were given a high-quality thermal envelope with low-temperature heating and balanced ventilation. Balanced ventilation was installed in the rooms and the thermal envelope was improved where possible. In some places, a secondary wall of limited thickness was installed. In other places, the existing monumental panelling was dismantled to insulate the walls behind them, which was then reinstalled. The Reading Room/Statenzaal was fitted with attic and floor insulation and balanced ventilation.

Images © Kasper Veenstra