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Tergooi MC

A hospital for the entire Gooi- and Vecht region, that is the new central hospital and associated Tergooi MC Clinics in Hilversum. In 2023, the current hospitals of Blaricum and Hilversum will move to the new hospital. ABT is responsible for contract management, project management, management direction and supervision.
Client Tergooi MC / Cofinimmo
Completion time 2019 - current
Market Healthcare
In collaboration with Wiegerinck
Location Hilversum
Project scope 58.000 m2

More time for the patient

The new hospital will be in a healthy, green, healing environment. It is compact, sustainable and ready for the future. As construction will take place in one step instead of two phases, there is no need to renovate the current buildings.

Compact space

It will be a compact hospital of about 58,000m2 because less and less space will be needed in the future. Consultations will be increasingly digital activities, and more care will take place out of the hospital. A compact hospital has a smart lay-out. The standard outpatient and nursing departments can be used flexibly. The buildings are spacious and bright, and the central patio means they are surrounded by greenery.

Tergooi bouwdelen
en kijkje in het nieuwe Tergooi
Tergooi MC Clinics © Dura Vermeer

The buildings

The core hospital

The new core hospital consists of four building sections. These building sections ABC will house acute and intensive care, including the emergency room, family doctor’s office, intensive care unit, operating rooms and cardiac catheterization room. The clinics (including maternity and delivery ward and mother and child centre), psychiatric ward and outpatient clinics are distributed among these three building sections. Building Section D will house the main entrance, restaurant, day treatment, scopy department and specialized oncology care.

Tergooi MC Clinics

This stand-alone building offers a wide range of care, from outpatient consultations to diagnostic exams. It houses the outpatient care of dermatology (including Varicose Vein Centre), plastic surgery (and Hand and Wrist Centre), oral surgery, ENT, medical psychology, psychiatry and ophthalmology, the Diagnostic Studio, the Esthetic Medical Centre and the offices of some of the staff departments of Tergooi MC.


Completion Tergooi MC Clinics

On March 7, the Tergooi MC Clinics building was completed. This is the detached building right next to the new main building of Tergooi MC in Hilversum. This milestone is the completion of all the buildings that Tergooi MC will occupy by mid-May 2023. Then the current hospitals of Blaricum and Hilversum will move to the new location.

Completion of D-wing

On January 24, the D wing of the core hospital was completed. Most of the new Tergooi MC is now ready to be furnished.

F Building

In June 2023, work will begin on the final part of the Tergooi campus, the F Building. This building is expected to be taken in use by the end of 2024.


Completion of first building sections

In July, wings A, B and C were completed. The new building incorporates 662 concrete piles, nearly 1,000,000 facing bricks, 60,000 square meters of gypsum walls, 15,000 meters of cabling and 7,500 data connection points. These parts of the new building in Hilversum will house the acute care unit (A), diagnostics and operating rooms (B), the delivery rooms and paediatric ward (C). These building sections will also house the general nursing departments and the psychiatry clinic, outpatient clinics, central sterilization unit, IVF, the vascular laboratory and the on-call rooms. Completed in December 2022, the parking garage has a capacity of 1,025 vehicles.


The new building: all parts completed at the same time!

After a long design phase, construction of the new Tergooi in Hilversum began in late 2019; a hospital for the entire Gooi and Vecht region. The first pile that marked the start of the construction phase, marked the end of the construction team phase. This phase began immediately after BAM signed the construction team agreement late 2018. For Tergooi, Wiegerinck architects, consultants and BAM Bouw en Techniek, the construction team phase led by ABT was completed. The project is being commissioned by developer Cofinimmo (Superstone).

The original plan was to build in two phases. This was a good plan, but at the beginning of 2019, the idea came up to make it even better, faster and cheaper. A new plan was created to complete all of the building simultaneously. In April 2019, the banks approved the implementation of the new Tergooi plan.