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Our Strength

Integral advice

Our vision is to work anti-disciplinary and purposeful on any project. With passion, courage and an integral view. We have an immanent drive to design the best technical solution, within the ambition and developed design vision with corresponding design directions. Complex projects make our hearts beat faster. This is precisely where our well-known, integrated approach proves our value. Our advice and designs are integral, focused on the desired outcomes for client, users and society.

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From vision to design direction

Society is rightly demanding more from the built environment. Buildings should positively affect health and productivity. They excite and stimulate us; they provide happiness. Buildings must be able to represent the specific. Every building is to be customized.



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Design force existing construction

We do not consider the reuse of existing buildings a pure necessity but rather as an honourable mission to work on with dedication and enthusiasm. Not for nothing have the most beloved, famous buildings had several lives. Renovating or transforming existing buildings into future-proof buildings is a rewarding challenge. It is a revaluation of the whole and the materials, reducing environmental impact and preserving cultural heritage.

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Design force new construction

Now and in the coming decades, we must develop future-proof buildings: adaptive, detachable and climate-positive. After all, we do not know how a new building will be used 10, 20 or 50 years from now. Therefore, we strive to simplify buildings. Based on designs that are not very complex, but that are smart and flexible.




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Our analytical ability, supported by advanced, digital simulations, will develop ambitious solutions that are feasible and doable within the original task. Digitalization enables us to achieve optimal results and increase the impact of our contribution. We use digital tools and methods to support the design and construction process, and as steering tools for optimal choices based on facts.

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Today’s complex issues require top-level engineering. We will develop the most appropriate solutions for our clients’ tasks. In our projects, we connect high-quality knowledge from different disciplines. Our compact organization is fully equipped to this purpose. The interaction and intensive use of state of the art computational software creates opportunities to make designs more efficient and sustainable.

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Implementation guidance

ABT stands for quality. Not only for the quality of our own work. We stand for the quality of integral design. After all, we promise clients a feasible design that is makeable. We use our practical knowledge to design and like to stay involved in its implementation. Also, clients may ask us to bear execution responsibility in the role of coordinating structural engineer.

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