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From vision to design direction

Society is rightly demanding more from the built environment. Buildings should positively affect health and productivity. They excite and stimulate us; they provide happiness. Buildings must be able to represent the specific. Every building is to be customized.

This requires a different design and construction process, based on trust. Only in open collaborations can truly new buildings be developed that permanently fit a rapidly changing world and rapidly changing organizations. In that process standards are off the table. The design process begins as a blank. We must find the real needs of the customer and user. That is where our design vision begins.

Our design vision is how we look at the task. It is the personal and inspiring view of this task that will define the design directions as a starting point for the connecting project.

Our design visions may be groundbreaking, highly visual and ideally suited as a communication tool to all parties involved. They will direct the design.

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