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Eveline Gootzen

Structural engineer
Contact +31613994185
“My dream is for all existing buildings to have a second life."


I like to turn my passion for existing buildings and sustainability into future-proofing the built environment. In 2012, I graduated from the Architecture program at University of Technology/e in both Structural Design and Architecture. Then I joined Arup as a structural engineer. I joined ABT in 2016, also as a structural engineer.

What I do at ABT

In recent years, my interests in existing buildings have grown and I now work as a design and structural engineer. Together with the client and other project partners, I like to work out how the maximum potential of the existing building can be utilized. I use my construction background to find out what materials and construction techniques have been used in existing buildings and what their current performance is. I then analyze the structure’s potential for additions and modifications to the shell. I can incorporate these into the design and further development of the building’s transformation. To realize all of these, it is essential to approach projects with an integrated vision. I am also the leader of the knowledge group Existing Buildings. In this role, I can contribute to the assurance and development of this great speciality.

My dream for the future

My dream is for all existing buildings to have a second life. Preferably by reusing the entire building. If this is not possible, the various building elements can be reused in a qualitative manner. In this way, we will reduce the environmental impact of construction.