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Circle concrete modules

Modular construction based on an optimized 35 m² concrete shell. Suitable as a studio, horizontally paired to form apartments or vertically stacked to form single-family homes. This Circle building concept, designed by CascoTotaal, KAAN Architects and ABT, offers housing corporations and municipalities a robust and quickly realizable solution to the rising demand for smaller and flexible housing. With high quality, circular at all levels, shorter construction time and up to 20% lower construction costs than traditional construction.

The housing shortage has forced municipalities and housing associations to look for new ways to build more houses faster. Starters, status holders, people moving on, for several groups the need is high. Land options abound, including municipal land that is temporarily not used or an aging inner-city building block that needs to be replaced.

Flexible and comfortable

Circle is designed to allow multiple building types with one flexible base. From studio to apartment complex. This allows us to provide an appropriate configuration for each location and user. Modules that can be expanded, combined, divided or eliminated according to (changing) needs. The smart design provides an airy home with plenty of natural light, and healthy, controllable and comfortable indoor environments.

Integral, circular and sustainable

Circle is integrally designed. We will approach residential construction from a modular system and look at the integration of good design, smart construction and efficient operation. We focus on optimal result and deliver guaranteed quality even beyond the life of the building.

The standardized module enables high-quality reuse. Due to the separation of construction, finishing and installations, components can be well and easily reused.

Rapid realization and just-in-time delivery

The Circle base module is an optimized 3D concrete shell® of interior dimensions 9.6 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, poured as a single element in a 3D mould. One module comes standard with large wall recesses and a stairwell recess. Each module has an integrated foundation beam . Circle modules can be placed directly on foundation piles. Standardization allows production and delivery from stock. As many as sixteen modules can be placed per day.

Wondering what Circle can do for your project? Check out the CascoTotaal site or contact one of our advisors.