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Logistics real estate

Without logistics, the Netherlands stands still. Recent years showed that well-functioning supply chains are essential. Specifically for warehouses and cold stores, ABT has provided industrial floor advice for decades. This consultancy focuses on design optimization of the foundation and the floor and quality improvement. For existing logistics properties, we provide maintenance and damage consultations.

Whereas our warehouse consultancy is concentrated in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, our cold store consultancy has a strong international character with many projects in Europe, Australia and the United States. Our specific knowledge and experience regarding the interaction between subsoil and floor/foundation construction has been of added value to many projects. With this knowledge, we can optimize costs and provide better risk management advice.

We also provide any structural or building physics advice required. We can design water buffers and site paving. Specifically for container terminals or port sites, ABT can engineer high-quality paving structures.

Sustainability developments

For these types of buildings sustainability consulting is beginning to develop. Their large roof areas will make warehouses the sustainable energy hubs of the future. But the impact of material use in these large buildings is also huge and can be greatly improved. Prologis’ warehouses were advised by ABT on the application of more sustainable post-treatment, use of secondary raw materials in concrete and the application of self-healing concrete, among other things. Façades also have great potential to be used to improve biodiversity.


Prologis’ warehouses in Tilburg and Waalwijk hired ABT as their concrete specialist and we have realized high-quality floors in which sustainable concrete innovations were applied. We are currently preparing projects for Prologis using shrinkage-parallel technology and geopolymer concrete. ABT has been Newcold’s partner for more than 2 decades in the realization of advanced cold stores in three continents.