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Jeroen ter Haar

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"Every project has its own specific challenge, and the trick is to find solutions together with the team: 1+1=3`."


I am an architect and structural engineer/consultant and have been working at ABT since 2004. In the course of my career, I had opportunities to contribute to several special projects, including high-rise inner-city projects, impressive (main) offices, sustainable town halls, innovative school buildings, multifunctional sports arenas and other special projects. My role at ABT is centred on my broad interest in realizing architecture and architectural knowledge, and my ability to act as an initiator. I am a pragmatic, solution-oriented thinker with analytical and strategic skills. I use these competences to organize design processes and come up with integrated technical solutions in complex projects to be realized together with clients, designers, engineers and builders.

What I do at ABT

My role at ABT is all about the integral approach to projects: finding technical solutions and trying to find the right mix of all input and expertise in the design team. Cultivate the awareness that all aspects are interrelated and that working together on projects creates energy to explore and develop solutions. The ultimate goal is to find the solution that contributes best to the common goal: the project. And how to translate that into coherent pieces, models and drawings.

My dream for the future

I like to use my thinking and strategic approach to contribute to challenging projects, to realize creative, innovative and goal-oriented solutions. I strongly believe in the power of cooperation and the combined knowledge and expertise within design teams. The art of effective collaboration in projects is the key to achieving the best result, when 1+1 often equals 3.