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Albert Cuypgarage

A parking garage under the existing waterway right next to Museum Square: a unique project. Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam, Max Bögl Nederland B.V. built a parking garage under the Boerenwetering. A facility for over six hundred cars and sixty bicycles. Max Bögl asked ABT to use their specialist knowledge to develop the construction-ready design for the underwater concrete and basement floor.
Client Municipality of Amsterdam/Max Bögle Nederland B.V.
Completion time 2015-2017
In collaboration with Zwarts en Jansma Architecten
Location Amsterdam
Project scope 16.000 m2 bvo

Under the canal

Never before has a parking garage been constructed under a canal in the capital city. Impressive designs require impressive engineering. Efficient use of the limited space in the Oude Pijp is paramount; the Albert Cuyp Garage will reduce the parking pressure and provide more space for greenery, pedestrians and cyclists in the neighbourhood.

Construction of the parking garage began in January 2016. Under the direction of Max Bögl Nederland B.V., we worked closely together with main structural engineer Van Rossum, geotechnical consultant CRUX b.v., diving company DCN Diving and subcontractors Volker Staal Funderingen, Van Werven Infra and Beens Groep. ABT was involved through work plan checks and site inspections until the start of the construction and beyond.

Innovative principle

An innovative principle based on an integrated basement floor was developed. Its steel fibre reinforced underwater concrete is combined with the structural floor to be poured in the final stage. This reduces the amount of concrete and excavation required. In addition, it allows for large spreading of loads from the canal in the final phase. This creates a balance between the upward water pressure under the basement floor and the downward loads from the basement structure and the water in the canal. As a result there is a reduced load on piles, allowing the use of slim anchor piles optimized for both tension and compression.

3D model of reinforcement baskets

The regular construction pattern leads to many repetitions in the construction method. With two exceptions, the 47 reinforcement baskets under the centre columns are completely identical. The reinforcement baskets were 3D-modelled in Revit. Therefore the full process, from design, through coordination from diving companies, to order, is one fluid process.

Amsterdam werkzaamheden Boerenwetering/Albert Cuypgarage
Amsterdam werkzaamheden Boerenwetering

In late 2017, the first cars and bikes could be parked under the canal. Want to know more about this project? Read this article in Civiele techniek!

The Albert Cuyp Garage won several awards. They included the 2019 Concrete Award and the European Standard Parking Award, Gold Award.

Image header: © Zwarts & Jansma Architects

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