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Transformation of Hoog Lindoduin

The residential building Hoog Lindoduin was subjected to a major renovation and sustainability project commissioned by Vestia. The 182-unit gallery apartment was made gas-free and the living plan, comfort, sound insulation, fire safety and aesthetic appearance were greatly improved. The building was stripped down to the existing 1963 concrete shell, but the main load-bearing structure remained intact. ABT was integral technical consultant.
Client Housing Corporation Vestia
Completion time 2018 – april 2021
Market Commercial real estate
In collaboration with Splinter Architecten BNA, BAM e.a.
Location Scheveningen
Project scope 14 floors, 182 galleryhouses

Durable construction

The building was stripped down to the concrete shell, then refitted with the same number of apartments. The proximity to the sea and erosion by the marine climate made the material selection in this location essential to the sustainability of the building. Therefore, a concrete structure rather than a steel structure was chosen for the main load-bearing structure.

In optimizing the main load-bearing structure, we focused on keeping environmental impact to a minimum; smarter design of the concrete structure and using materials more efficiently through smart design. We assessed the carbon footprint and shadow price of the original structure in order to understand the reduction in environmental impact by reusing the support structure. For the concrete shell, this analysis retaining 24,000 m² of GFA concrete structure yielded very good results for the choice of reuse.

Technical masterpiece with a view

One of the biggest challenges in this project was replacing the existing balconies with wider balconies and galleries on the concrete shell. Precast concrete was chosen, despite its great weight. This involved the use of highly technical, innovative anchoring techniques. To avoid conspicuous consoles, a slender concrete console was developed with the same thickness as the gallery and balcony slabs. The prestressing process for anchoring these consoles to the existing concrete shell is a technical tour de force. The principle of the newly developed anchor elements can also be used in future similar renovation projects.

The wider balconies and galleries were realized through close cooperation within the construction team with HCI (precast concrete), Normtec (prestressing system/anchors), Pieters Bouwtechniek (prestressing technology and elaboration), BAM (contractor) and Vestia. Many constructive challenges were coordinated and carried out. One of them is the very open façade at the entrance.

The precast concrete elements were checked against CUR 100 to get the required white colouring (clean concrete). The result is a modern façade appearance with its interplay of sleek lines in a splendid white colour scheme.

Images: © Luuk Kramer