Fast and flexible construction which is elegant and sustainable: The Cubix Way. Cubix is a modular wood building system that combines speed and flexibility with aesthetics and durability. The Cubix module is light and composed of predominantly natural and circular materials. It saves about 82% CO2 compared to traditional utility buildings.

Full-fledged campus

Cubix modules can be quickly connected and have great freedom of form, location and use. By linking the modules, a full-fledged campus can be realized. A dynamic innovation environment for start-ups, education and research. Depending on your housing needs, the campus can be moved or reconfigured in an instant.

Circularity and materiality

As the engineering partner of the development team, ABT designed the Cubix lightweight but surprisingly strong wood construction. Wood is circular and stores carbon. Each module is good for storing as much as 7,800 kilograms of CO2. The wooden façade parts are protected with Fungi Force. This 100% organic stain (a blend of an organic, water-tolerant mould solution and natural linseed oil) gives Cubix its beautiful, deep black colour.

From the precast production site, the Cubix components are transported as flat packs and assembled on the construction site; a foundation is not required. Dry joints allow for quick (de)assembly. The individual components have a high residual value.

Energy-efficient installations

Due to its low mass, Cubix adapts quickly to temperature changes. The energy-efficient systems are concealed under the roof. The modules are up to temperature within half an hour and each is individually controllable. This means the temperature on campus can be tailored to the local type of activity and users’ needs.

Teamwork development

The Cubix Way is the result of an intensive development process by four dedicated partners: Barcode Architects (design Cubix campus) Quake (innovation), ABT & Lüning (technical design) and Buro Mee (concept development).

Would you like to find out if Cubix is the answer to your (temporary) housing needs? Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Images: © Barcode Architects