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Dyke reinforcement Sterke Lekdijk – sub-section Salmsteke – Schoonhoven

Together with Mourik and RPS, ABT is working on this subproject. When we got on board after being awarded the contract, the plan execution phase of subproject Salmsteke, the first of the six subprojects, had already started. In subproject Salmsteke - Schoonhovenseveer we will complete the whole plan execution phase.
Client Mourik
Completion time 2022 - present
Market Water safety
Project scope 8 km

Role of ABT

ABT handles the design lead for the dyke reinforcement and works on some of the underlying specialisms such as linings, piping or longitudinal structures. Currently, the project is in the two- to three-year planning phase.

Initially, the team’s focus is on fine-tuning the safety task by deploying new calculation methods. In addition, the procedure around the Water Act project plan is being completed. As with subproject Salmsteke, there will be an assessment of whether promising product innovations – such as the Prolock Filter Screen – can be deployed to meet HDSR’s objectives.


Image header: © Rijkswaterstaat