Water safety

Millions of people live, work and recreate safely behind our dikes. Water defences are an essential part of the Dutch landscape. The battle against and near water is becoming increasingly complex. Space constraints, climate adaptation, rising costs, concerned local residents and sustainability all play a role. This calls for more creativity and innovative solutions. Whatever the question, desire or objective of the contractor or water authority, our integral knowledge of structures, hydraulic engineering and geotechnical engineering will provide a solution.

Pushing boundaries

In our view, the future reinforcement task  requires a new perspective. Our team of experienced and driven engineers tackle challenges in an energetic and creative manner. We see innovation as a means to an end. We provide integral customized solutions. The projects we have carried out have proven that we have pushed boundaries in the process.

We can offer specialized and innovative customization because we maintain a focus on a number of areas of expertise within water safety. Our high quality knowledge is deepened and enhanced by new, promising developments that we pick up and secure in our service package. We will take the latest insights and experiences to the next project.


Flood protection challenges often involve a wide range of design issues. Our high-quality geotechnical knowledge goes hand in hand with knowledge of structures, (environmental) risk management and practical execution experience. We have specialized in the following aspects:

  • Structural dike reinforcements

    Geotechnics and structures: with close cooperation between the two worlds, we achieve integrated and reliable solutions. Both for new reinforcement structures in the dike and existing buildings behind the dike.

  • Wind on Dikes

    With the new concept of placing wind turbines on flood defences, we are contributing to the energy transition. With Wind on Dikes, many kilometres of flood defences with good wind conditions become interesting to generate renewable energy.

  • Research & Innovation

    Whenever we see opportunities to serve our clients through research and innovation, we will actively pursue them. Within ABT it is self-evident that research and innovation are promoted.

The power of collaboration

We believe in the power of collaboration. The project’s interests are our primary concern. We are used to move along and cross boundaries to make a project better. Within our capabilities, we will create customization and add value to the project. Knowledge that we do not have at the highest level in-house, will be collected through our external network. Parties we have often worked with for years. We are used to working together in larger teams toward a single goal. If required, we will work on-site in the process.

Professional and pragmatic

Our experts know the ins and outs of water safety and hydraulic engineering. Your complex task makes their engineering heart beat faster. They are committed professionals who are used to operating as a team, together with clients and partners. ABT can be relied on for:

  • Integral knowledge of structural, hydraulic and geotechnical engineering;
  • Pragmatic and extensive implementation experience;
  • Flexibility within our well-organized organization;
  • No-nonsense, project-oriented approach.

For more information, feel free to contact one of our advisors.


Image header dike enforcement Stad Tiel: © HWBP