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Computational design solutions

Human intuition supported by powerful, digital data analytics. Structured learning from the past through development based on real results; ABT combines deep technological expertise with digital tools and methods. This combination allows us to connect buildings and their data with digital models that produce reliable results and relevant insights. Our Computational Solutions team provides integrated solutions for consulting, design and system integration for a sustainable built environment.

Digital environments in which designers, users, developers, owners and service providers can manage and control physical assets are a reality. Stakeholders are given increasing opportunities to improve both design and control and the operational processes around them. Today, assets and processes in the built environment are becoming more intelligent and will be better perceived and understood by stakeholders. Physical assets (or buildings) produce data that can be presented in a user-friendly way and are crucial for effective decision-making.

Digital support and digital solutions in design, construction, renovation or operational processes are essential to achieving your goals. Fully carbon-neutral operation and reporting is only possible if you have all relevant data of the processes and performance of your physical assets. Integrating all this data into our digital models provides valuable insights that might otherwise have been lost in stand-alone systems.