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The future of health care is about change. Scarcity in the labour market, increasing specialization of care and the desired efficient use of people and resources make it necessary for healthcare organizations to adapt their ways of working. Technological developments will make this change increasingly possible, and combined with the strengthening of the region’s healthcare network will lead to a redistribution of care.

However, some of the impact and magnitude of these developments will still be unpredictable. Flexibility is therefore important in real estate strategy. But in what ways does flexibility present itself in the built environment? Is this a demountable circular shell, the flexible interior wall or oversized structure? Flexibility costs money; how can a hospital recoup this over the average useful life of about 50 years?

The successful design of a hospital goes beyond the needs of the patient; it must meet the financial requirements of the owner, take into account the space and efficiency requirements of the staff, and create an environment that addresses the visitor’s concerns.

ABT’s healthcare portfolio includes projects with technical challenges. Our projects range from small renovations to several large new builds and include structural accommodation for advanced medical equipment. We are able to respond to ever-changing requirements and advise on economical solutions for renovations, expansion and new constructions. ABT understands that healthcare is a 24/7 industry, that developments never stop, and wants to continue contributing to this.


The new Erasmus MC, a state of the art university hospital covering 207,000m2 took more than eight years of hard work. On the site of the existing hospital, a completely new complex has been built merging care, research and education. ABT was responsible for construction management. ABT is also involved in the construction of the new Tergooi hospital in Hilversum. ABT is responsible for the contract management and construction management of this compact and sustainable hospital.