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Civil engineering

Typical for ABT civil engineering are their extraordinary things with concrete. How do we design or reinforce large structures such as a dry dock, bridge or commercial floor? And is there any possibility of using alternative reinforcement in new or existing designs? This is what our specialists deal with on a daily basis. The use of sustainable concrete is an important pillar. ABT likes to contribute their ideas for solutions. Clients’ ideas and challenges are the starting point of often long-standing collaborations.

Existing construction

Within the Netherlands, there is a major issue regarding current constructions. In coming years the focus on recalculation and reinforcement of existing structures will increase. Using our knowledge, we will work with clients to address this issue. Both in infra (bridges, tunnels, viaducts) and existing construction (homes and offices).

Durable concrete

Concrete adds to the climate damage, so ABT is looking at ways to apply concrete in a sustainable way. Keeping the current concrete structures functional is part of the solution. Helping producers make their new concrete products more sustainable is another part. ABT advises on the application of alternative binders and aggregates. Concrete projects can be repaired or reinforced through carbon adhesive reinforcement. Concrete incorporating alternative reinforcement, such as steel and basalt fibres, fibreglass reinforcement and basalt reinforcement, are being developed.


We apply our knowledge to a wide variety of request pieces and projects. For Royal van Lent we did the engineering of the dry dock (160 x 26 m). The design of an integrated Underwater Concrete Floor led to substantial savings in excavation and concrete consumption, and therefore in construction costs and construction time. At DC Prologis Tilburg, we advised on the floor design of the newly built warehouse. We used circular concrete for one floor section as a test case. These and other innovations will increasingly be used in commercial flooring to reduce environmental impact.