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CO2 performance ladder

ABT’s mission statement is: ‘Making a creative and innovative contribution to the quality and sustainability of the built environment with respect for human and natural standards and values.’ This mission is the basis for our sustainable business and consulting work. ABT is a partner in sustainability in every aspect!


Our CO2 reduction targets are:

Corporate car sharing The car-sharing cars will all be electric cars. Fleet of car-sharing cars will be electric/emission-free by 2025.
Leased cars With our mobility policy, aimed at using 1st class public transport, the lease car fleet is being further reduced. New leased cars will be electric. Leased car fleet electric/emission-free by 2025.
Working from home We work together intensively. We meet regularly in the office. Working from home is possible for every ABT worker.
Business operations for the next 5-10 years We have ideas about smart grid, about PV, about wind turbines, etc. These all affect the starting point, the power supply for our premises. A vision needs to be developed for the next 5 to 10 years on a number of aspects: electric vehicle fleet, gas-free heating, PV generation, etc.
Renovation office Delft Among other things, gas-free operation and optimizing installations.
100% vegetarian lunches from ABT caterer The caterer provides only vegetarian lunches and refreshments.
100% vegetarian meals at company meetings During in-house business meetings, we provide vegetarian meals.
Green power for lease drivers Support lease drivers to have green power contracts for home charging station.


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